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Proof master

Number of visits: Date:Jun 6,2017

Job description:
1. according to the design draft design requirements and designers to provide independent, complete the sample development, including carpentry, paint, glue, sewing, cutting, carving, interior design and production process and technical points and LOGO;
2. Take the initiative to feedback the design defects during the production of the sample as well as the problems that may arise in the production of the large quantity to feedback to the design, optimize the design plan, and provide the cost optimization proposal,
3. Assist and guide the production line to improve the production process and make the complete process card;
4. Assist related departments in cost calculation and quotation;

Job requirements:
1. men and women unlimited, age 25-40 years old, with more than 3 years of packing box proofing experience, familiar with the packaging process and production;
2. understand 2D drawings, knife patterns, familiar with the laser cutting machine prototype;
3. Proficient in all kinds of materials, market prices and process costs used in the packaging industry;
4. strong execution, sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team work spirit;
5. with craftsman spirit, careful and careful work, good technology, the pursuit of excellence.

Salary treatment:
Monthly salary of 5000-8000 yuan.

Working hours:
Monday to Saturday: 8:30-12:00, 13:00-17:30 (may work overtime), Sunday off.

Working place:
Xie Gang Town, Dongguan City

TypeInfo: Job

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