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Packaging box market demand

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What is the market demand for packaging boxes? The number of market demand for wedding candy packaging box ", according to incomplete statistics, there are about ten million couples registered for marriage Chinese every year, if the average every married couple to buy 500 yuan of Xitang, national annual candy consumption of 60-70 million yuan, and the consumption is increasing year by year. Of course, the wedding candy box is not a must, nor is it a high frequency of fast updates, but it reflects the market demand for wedding candy packaging box is quite large. Not to mention the fast consumer goods, the demand for the wedding candy box is even greater. Every household is indispensable, the most important thing is that it is very high frequency of replacement.

Modern people no longer pay attention to the product itself, but also care about whether the packaging of the product is novel and creative, whether it can express the meaning of the brand, whether it can reflect the personality and grade, etc..

This has a new level of demand for the creative design of packaging boxes and packaging printing. The packing box in the market from the raw materials, mainly include: paper, plastic, metal, fiber materials, glass and ceramics, and some new composite material, greatly satisfied everyone on the planning needs of the diversity of packing box. But in a lot of packing boxes, paper packaging boxes accounted for the largest share of the mall, the most important point of the reason is a combination of "green packaging" demand, "green packaging" also known as "pollution-free packaging" and "environmental friendly package".

The concept of green packaging planning has two aspects: one is to protect the environment, the two is to save resources, the two complement each other, indivisible. It is the primary demand for packaging is environmentally friendly and harmless to human health, followed by the need for packaging materials can be recycled to meet the needs of sustainable development. Known to all, because paper is easy to use, can recover the outstanding characteristics of natural differentiation, is recognized as green packaging materials.

As a result, the packaging planning of paper products is recognized by the international green packaging planning, and the formation of environmental pollution management plastics can play an active role in substitution.

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